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How parents can aid the career guidance process? [Part III]

In the previous post, we talked about things that parents should be mindful of while guiding children through their career development journey. In Part III of this series, we talk about the signs that parents should look out for while guiding their child through the career development journey.

Signs to look out for in child's approach and what can be the best way ahead:

· Waiting until the last minute to make decisions.

· Unrealistic expectations.

· Promises to work miracles with study next term.

· Lax approach to homework.

· Selecting a course because the career is well paid. They are more likely to gain a good result in their degree if they enjoy and are interested in the course.

· If possible, introduce your son/daughter to someone currently doing the course/working in the career area.

· Look at the list of proposed courses and find out if your son/daughter has researched each course thoroughly. Any course that has not been thoroughly researched should not be on the list.

· What is the backup plan if the predicted results do not happen?

· If the school organises career talks for parents, make sure you are in attendance.

· Remember parental advice is invaluable, but school leavers must make their own particular career choices.

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