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Career coaching initiative for Students and Schools

I engaged the atfirstpage team for career planning for my daughter, who is in 10th grade. I got a very personalized treatment. A Senior Coach was constantly in touch and resolved all our queries.
The Career Assessment Tests reflected my daughter’s aptitude, career orientation, interests and so on, and was very insightful. We had a two-hour long discussion on the Career Assessment Report with the key atfirstpage team. We are very happy and satisfied that we got to interact with this wonderful team of compassionate career counsellors, who are really concerned for our children, and trying their best to give direction to the children, based on her strengths and interests. This has been an invaluable session for us. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Kanchan Kumari , Parent , Bengaluru 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams ! Live the life you have imagined".
Its not only challenging ,but also enriching while assessing my student's needs ,aspirations and career goals .Its a unique experience ,working with them to put a plan in place to identify suitable career options ,skill areas and the environment best suited for each one of them. At the end of each session , I come out as much wiser as contented .

Tina Bhanot , enabler atfirstpage , Pune

Its very fulfilling to help candidates and watch them get ready to decide for themselves and make the best choices.

Aparna Chaturvedi ,enabler atfirstpage , New Delhi

Token of Gratitude
It takes Courage, to follow your heart.
It takes Fortitude, to move away from the crowd,
And dare to be different.
It takes Inspiration, to dream big.
It takes Hope, to believe in that dream.
It takes Faith, to finally achieve your dream.
Most importantly;
It takes a Big-heart, to offer help.
It takes a Helping-hand, to guide along.
It takes a Beautiful Smile, to enlighten a student's passionate world.
It takes Appreciation, to help a student identify her inner strengths.
It takes Words of Wisdom, to let a student know,
That she too can make a difference.
Hence, it takes a person like you
A Counsellor, Guide & Well-wisher,
To imbue confidence in me,
And know that it is okay
"To take the road less travelled by
And hope that can make all the difference".

Nanditha R, Student, Bengaluru 

atfirstpage provided me a deep insight into who I really am. It helped me calibrate my choices

Vaishnavi Sapre 

I would like to thank my coaches at  atfirstpage for helping me choose my career direction . They have not only equipped me to make informed choices about my career but have also prepared me for the choices I will have to make in the future


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