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Igniting Potential

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Post- it notes

Our Objectives

  • To help young people identify their interests, strengths and gap areas beyond academic performance.

  • To provide them with all inputs, both personal and in terms of career options, and guide them to discover best-fit stream/careers.

  • To develop a supportive relationship with every child and enable a holistic enhancement of personality.

Stones of Meaning

Our Methodology

Combining scientific methods and human touch for career readiness

  • Leveraging technology to offer accurate and personalised guidance.

  • An advanced AI driven psychometric assessment followed by a detailed report.

  • Intensive one-to-one counselling sessions.

  • Guiding students to identify their career goals and prepare a concrete Plan of Action.

Our Aim

We work to understand your challenges ,interests ,fears and desires on a level that is much deeper that any test might reveal . By establishing a therapeutic relationship, our team will hold, lead & nurture you.



To identify your strengths


To explore your goals and opportunities

High School Students
Students on Campus


To empower you to maximize potential

Our counselling process

Our USP: Counselling session with 3 experienced career coaches on the same platform

Portrait of a Student

Knowing you

Introductory session-Catch-up with the Coach

Typing on the Computer

Know yourself

Online psychometric assessment 

- Assessment across 5 domains-Orientation, Interests, Personality, Aptitude, Emotional Quotient 

- Matching scientific insights to present 5 best-fit careers/two best-fit streams

- Elaborate report instantly available on student dashboard

Online Class

Guiding you

Comprehensive discussion on report with you and your parents with focus on strengths and gap areas in personality and EQ and discussion on best-fit career/stream matches

Online Discussion

Final roadmap for you

- Detailed guidelines for preparation for career goals, including relevant documents and important links for chosen careers

- Recommendations for entrance exam preparation and selection of colleges

- Tips on EQ and Personality Development 

- Final session to clarify any remaining doubts

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