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Programs for Students


Program enables students to identify their goals by making them aware of their strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, interest, and personality orientation through scientifically constructed assessments. Through this initiative, we guide students to discover their intrinsic strengths and take informed decisions towards their career and life journey.

Working on a Project


A unique transformative program which enables young minds to work on their intrinsic strengths and gap areas with a sustained intervention, guidance, and handholding, laying the foundation for over-all personality development and confidence-enhancement which impacts every aspect of their future.

Key elements of the Program:

  • Key Strengths and Gap areas

  • Personality and EQ enhancement

  • Effective Study Skills and Habits

  • Communication Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • 21st Century Skills- Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Problem-Solving, Collaboration

  • Future of jobs and industry readiness

Outdoor Aerobics


  1. Effective Study Habits & Orientation on Aptitude- Improving learning strategies, developing focussed study habits and orientation on aptitude tests.  

  2. Personality Enrichment & Communication Skills- Enhancing confidence, self-esteem, resilience and strengthening communication skills.

  3. Guidance on Overseas Studies-Helping students take informed decisions at every step of their journey towards overseas education.

  4. Managing Emotions-Strategies to enhance emotional intelligence.

  5. Future Ready- Future of jobs and industry readiness.  

Discussion With Two People


atfirstpage helps students to realize their dreams of overseas studies by guiding, counselling & hand holding. We expose students to the education scenario of their selected country and requirements of admissions and guide them to work systematically on the right education path and make informed choices.

Key Elements of the Program:

  • Guidelines for entrance tests 

  • Shortlisting of Colleges/Universities

  • Scholarships guidance

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • Personal Essay

  • Guidelines for Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

  • Documenting /Suggestions/Recommendations of activities and courses

  • Tips on Confidence Building

  • Communication skills and interview techniques

  • Overall Profile building

Desk Globe
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